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About Jim

Jim Chancellor is a 66 year old combat veteran who served in Vietnam from 1969-1970. He is married to Regina and their blended family consists of 5 children and 5 grandchildren.

Jim, a likeable, low-keyed mixture of sincerity and intensity is a gentleman of dedication and humor.  A Vietnam Veteran whose mission is to let his hard earned lesson of the past direct him to healing and healthy choices in the future.  As a door gunner he received a Purple Heart and a Heroism medal for Valor.

He has made a special presentation of a Ring from the American Veterans Collection to both Bob Hope and Toby Keith.  He has worked with Congressional Medal of Honor recipients Sammy Davis and Gary Wetzel.  Having a professional style he has been featured on the same agenda as President Ronald Reagan, Colin Powell, Vice President Al Gore, Ross Perot, Hilary Clinton, and President Barrack Obama. Athletic in appearance, and spontaneous, Jim is well educated on the issues and is comfortable on stage, and with all types of the media.  This is a man whom wartime stress was a reality.  His insights are earned and respecting him is unavoidable.. (See testimonials)

Jim is driven to educate America on the cost of war, not in dollars and cents, but in the psychological toll it has on our Veterans.   Jim’s powerful 60 minute power point presentation is targeted at today’s students, because they will indeed be the decision makers of tomorrow.  “It is very easy for someone to say let’s put boots on the ground here or there, but after his presentation the thoughts and words become much more difficult to say” Chancellor says.  The war doesn’t simply end when our veterans come home; for some it is only the beginning.  Jim will share his own experiences and his real life decisions madejim chancellor during war.  He will speak of killing and the escape from reality through drugs and alcohol.   This riveting presentation speaks from the very soul of war and it’s devastation on our warriors.

It didn’t take Jim long to start giving back.  In 1971 shortly after returning from Vietnam he helped organize and participated in a 50 mile walk to raise money for the POW-MIA families in Indiana.  In 1982 he designed the Vietnam Veterans Ring, the first of a series of Rings worn by combat veterans from all wars and conflicts.  The rings from the American Veterans Collection are worn internationally, carry a lifetime warranty and are endorsed by many.  In the late 80’s and 90’s Jim was involved in the renovation of many veterans’ memorials in Northwest Indiana.   He served as President of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Committee at Stoney Run County Park which is home to the beautiful Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  He was involved in the upgrading and adding the names of those veterans that gave their life for freedom from Griffith Indiana.  His words remain today on the black granite that embraces that war memorial, “For the people of Griffith who paid the supreme price for freedom and to the families that have tasted the salty tears of war, we remember.”   In 1993 Jim was heavily involved in the re-dedication of Wicker Park located in Highland Indiana.  This week long dedication included military flyovers, military repel teams, a flag draped horse drawn caisson unit and the traveling Vietnam Veterans Wall.  The event was attended by over 40,000 people and concluded with the lighting of an eternal flame, which Jim was honored to participate in,  that will forever shine light on those that have given so much that we all can remain free.

Jim Chancellor has been described in many different ways.  “Jim Chancellor is on a mission, a healing mission, he speaks from the soul and truly believes he can make a difference” says John Davis from the Northwest Indiana Forum.  When describing Jim, Steve Worly SMSgt, USAR (ret) says, “Dynamic, strong in conviction and intensely motivated to make a difference are truly an understatement of description.”

We believe Jim says it best when he states “Given a chance I can make a difference….perhaps in the future of America.”  Why don’t you allow Jim into your world, so you can decide for yourself about the effects of war, after all it’s only for an hour.